Reguladores Graytown Chapter  

The Graytown chapter was started in January 2009.  Jimmy Lee and Raul Ramirez met and planned to start the Graytown Chapter of the Reguladores Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.  The first President was Jimmy Lee and Raul Ramirez was the Vice President.
Board Members

Dale Barnes

Dan Patton

Don Hutchinson

Anna Hernandez

Sgt at Arms
Judd Popham
Road Captain's

Gilbert Arbizu
Vince Hernandez
Robert Gauer

Event Coordinator
Dan Patton

Web Master
Gary Wiley
Reguladores Graytown
Chapter Meeting
July 19 2:30 PM
Ray Reinke's
Taco Plate Benefit Sale
July 19 5:00 PM
Sacramentos Bar

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